Top Revision Tips

Top Five Tips

  • List of keywords for each topic covered, which can act as "triggers" for other ideas.
  • Ask your teacher to revise topics you are unsure about and to help you to fully understand the topic.
  • Make up a set of revision cards with one main topic per card, each topic listing ideas or information for this topic.
    You can carry these cards with you and, if you choose, get them out and revise when you have any spare time.
  • Questions and Answers – Use the questions in the revision guide you have been given.
  • Attend any lunch time / afterschool revision sessions with a specific question or area for understanding as it will save you and your teacher time.

Top Five Subject Area Tips - What the examiners LOVE asking questions about

  • Factors that affect or make up an active, healthy lifestyle
  • The social and non social reasons for participation in physical activity and sport
  • Skill and fitness related components of fitness.
  • How the warm up and cool down help the body’s preparation for, and recovery from exercise.
  • Different types of training
    Circuit Training, Interval Training, Continuous Training and the sports they would be suited to.

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