Top Ten Revision Tips

  • Make sure you get hold of the exam paper as soon as it is released and keep it safe.
    (we do not have many spares).
  • Make notes on the exam paper to ensure you fully understand what you have to do on the day.
  • Ensure that your green folders are complete, in the correct order - and that you read the contents regularly.
  • Make sure that you give equal time to preparing the 4 different tasks you will have to do on the day.
  • Practice ways of presenting information
    using lists, bullet points, charts, images, etc as a standard essay is not required.
  • Learn your prepared answers as you cannot take notes into the exam.
  • Practice drawing and design skills – plan annotations to help explain your design ideas.
  • Make a partnership or small group so that you can keep each other on track and encourage each other to work.
  • Use preparation time well – allocate specific times for working on this subject
    and use ICT lesson time once all your ICT work has been completed.
  • Aim to enjoy the exam – you’d be surprised how many students do!!

Key Information

Exam Paper: Issue date Monday 16th May

Exam Date: Friday 10th June

Useful Revision Tools