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Top Ten Tips for Success in GCSE ICT

  1. You must complete all the tasks in the Controlled Assessment
  2. You should make sure you get feedback on all your work from a test buddy and your teacher
  3. You should record your feedback in the review for each section along with the actions you took in response
  4. Make sure all your information and asset sources are recorded in your sources table
  5. Use the Revision Guidebook you have been given to learn essential terminology
  6. Purchase a discounted copy of the Revision Workbook from us, this will allow you to practice and mark past paper questions
  7. Ask your teacher for a set of Keyword Flashcards, these can be used any time to test your knowledge of key terms
  8. Make good use of your time in theory lessons, the exam contributes 40% of the final grade
  9. Ensure that homework tasks are completed on time, they are part of your learning and exam preparation
  10. Always feel confident to ask questions if you don’t understand something, we are here to help and will do everything we can to help you succeed

Key Information

  • Unit 1 Living in a Digital World
    • 1 ½ hr written exam at the end of year 11.
    • 40% of final grade
  • Unit 2 Using Digital Tools
    • 40hr Controlled Assessment in class over 2 years.
    • 60% of final grade


  • All students have been issued with a copy of the Edexcel Revision Guidebook for ICT
  • All students have a login for the ICT workout website
  • Use the Teach-ICT website for additional notes and quizzes
  • BBC Bitesize has loads of resources and activities to support the course