Top Revision Tips

  • Look at the time allocation and plan your use of time carefully and sensibly
    Allow time to check over your work at the end
  • Read the paper carefully and make sure that you read each question thoroughly before you start answering it, so that you know just what you need to answer
    Don't answer something else
  • Follow the instructions on the front of the question paper
    You must answer all of the questions. Be aware that marks are awarded (or lost) for quality of written communication and spelling
  • Write clearly and neatly in blue or black pen
  • Write in cimplete sentences unless it is obvious that a one word answer is needed
  • The marking scheme will give you some idea of how much to write for a question or of how many points to give
  • Whenever possible plan your answers, especially essay answers, before writing them
    Make sure that you cross out any rough work / plans you don't want marking
  • Check your work thoroughly before you hand it in!

Key Information

Exam Board: OCR
J441 Home Economics : Child development
Please see Mrs Dyer for copies of past exam papers

Useful Revision Tools

Essentials GCSE Child Development Revision Guide, Lonsdale. ISBN 9781906415617
Essentials GCSE Child Development Workbook, Lonsdale. ISBN 9781906415624
Essentials GCSE Child Development Workbook Answers, Lonsdale. ISBN 9781906415631

These publications can be ordered through the school please see Mrs Dyer for more information

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Please see Mrs Dyer for a copy of the Babies and Children booklet which accompanies this question sheet