Top Revision Tips

  • Learn the key terms
  • Learn the formulas you need to know for the calculations
  • Ensure you understand the key points relating to each of the topics studied.
    This includes the meaning, advantages and disadvantages and any implications to businesses.
  • Pay attention to the trigger words. Ensure you understand how you should structure your answer for each trigger word.
    These include state, describe, explain, analyse, justify, evaluate, to what extent….
  • Always relate your answer to the business in the case study/question. This is application.
  • Learn how to analyse by ensuring you can explain what each point you make leads to.
  • Look at mark schemes to ensure you understand what the marks are awarded for.
  • Pay attention to the time. Each mark should take one minute.
    Therefore a two mark question takes two minutes to answer, an eight mark question takes eight minutes.
  • Make use of all the support available in the department.
    For example revision sessions, hot lessons and drop in sessions.
  • Use your class notes or buy a text book to revise from
    these are specifically tailoured towards your exam

Key Information

Exam Board: Edexcel

There are 2 exams in the Summer term of year 11

Unit 1 Exam: Introduction to Small Business – 25% of GCSE - 20/05/2015 0900hrs
Written exam 45 minutes, 40 marks
The paper is a mix of multiple choice and short answer questions.

This unit consists of 5 topic areas:

  • Topic 1.1 Spotting a business opportunity
  • Topic 1.2 Showing enterprise
  • Topic 1.3 Putting the business idea into practice
  • Topic 1.4 Making the start-up effective
  • Topic 1.5 The economic context

Unit 3 Exam: Building a Business – 50% of GCSE - 05/06/2015 0900hrs
Written exam 1 hour 30 minutes, 90 marks

Students are required to answer all questions

The paper is untiered and divided into 3 sections. Questions will require a mixture of short and extended/long answers. Sections B and C will consist of questions based on a scenario given on the paper.

This unit consists of five topic areas:
  • Topic 3.1 Marketing
  • Topic 3.2 Meeting customer needs
  • Topic 3.3 Effective financial management
  • Topic 3.4.Effective people management
  • Topic 3.5 The wider world affecting business

Useful Revision Tools

Revision materials issued in lessons
Unit booklets issued during the year
The only useful text book is - Edexcel GCSE Business: Building a Business by Anderton and Malcolm published by Pearson Company.
There is no revision guide which really covers all of the topics as it is a new course.

This website provides activity practice and theory notes tailored to the exam

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Revision Links

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