Top Revision Tips

So where do you start?
It doesn't really matter, just pick something that you like, that seems "do-able" and start today

Easter Revision Sessions
Easter Revision Sessions

Choose ways of revising that suit your learning style
  1. Remind yourself over and over
  2. Look - Cover - Write - Check
  3. Remember labelled diagrams - copy a diagram then try to label it from memory
  4. Highlight key words and ideas
  5. Summarise the information - keep it short - use mind maps
  6. Make ‘Flash cards’ - carry them with you and look at them when you can
  7. Make ‘jigsaws’ - make a list, cut it up, jumble it up, then sort it out
  8. Work out “what could they ask me about this?”
  9. Practice on real exam questions
  10. Be clear about what you’re expected to know
  11. Attend revision sessions
  12. Identify your strong and weak areas
  13. Work with somebody else

Useful Presentations:

Core Science GCSE

For a more comprehensive revision guide visit the Science Department Website