Top Revison Tips

Use Diagnosis, Therapy and Test (DTT)

Diagnose the areas that you need to revise. You should use teacher feedback and your PPE scorecard.

Therapy. Work on these areas. This might be looking them up in a revision guide, doing a mymaths lesson or watching an online video.

Test yourself on what you have learned. If you don’t get it right then try again. If you are still struggling see your Mathematics teacher.
  • Use the scorecard from your PPE to what areas you need to work on.
  • Make full use of lesson time
  • Aim to complete all the Mymaths booster tests at your target level
    (and then work on the next level up!)
  • Work on answering past papers
  • Get your papers marked and ask for feedback
  • Use your teacher’s feedback to build up a revision checklist
  • Practise the questions you struggle with rather than spending time on topics you can do
  • Always ask about questions you cannot answer rather than leaving them out
  • Attend revision sessions regularly for help
  • Buy your calculator now and be confident when using it in lessons and at home
  • Make sure you have the right equipment to use now: Angle measurer, compasses, ruler, calculator, black pen, pencil, rubber.

Key Information

The majority of students are studying linear Mathematics GCSE but some are studying the linked pair GCSE. The exam board is EdExcel.

Exam Dates

Linear Paper 1 (non-calculator) Thursday 4th June 9am
Linear Paper 2 (calculator) Monday 8th June 9am

Applications Paper 1 (non-calculator) Thursday 21st May 9am
Applications Paper 2 (calculator) Thursday 4th June 9am

Useful Revision Tools

The mymaths website has lots of online homework and revision to support students. What are particularly good are the booster packs. These will help push students towards their target grade. The online homeworks are marked instantly so you know how you are doing. Ask your Mathematics teacher for the password
Mathswatch is a revision website that requires a unique login for students. Your teacher has your login. You can access revision videos and worksheets. These contain answers so that you know how well you are doing. Ask your Mathematics teacher for your password.
GCSE Bitesize contains a revision materials on all aspects of mathematics as well as interactive quizzes and past papers
This website contains past papers for the students to complete. They are taking linear mathematics GCSE.
Contains videos of past papers. This website requires registration but written by the teacher of the year.
Contains past papers, videos and worksheets aimed at revision.
Contains video GCSE tutorials


Grade A - C



Grade D - G