Top Revision Tips

  • Learn Case studies well they are the key to success – make fact cards to help memorise the key facts.
  • If the question asks for examples, you must give them.
    It may say for an example you have studied – (give one example) or use examples in your answer – (more than one example).
    It is common to be asked to ‘name and locate’ If you do not do this when asked you will lose marks.
  • If you cannot remember a useful example think about the local area around where you live.
    This is a good area to describe if you are looking at tourism or agriculture,
    or you need an example of a village, small town – Tavistock, city - Plymouth, local factory or farm.
  • Use up to date examples from the news even if we have not covered them in class.
  • Take note of the command words;
    ‘Describe’ – requires you to simple state what is shown. ‘Explain’ - requires you to give reasons for the patterns.
    Similar commands could be ‘account for’ ‘assess’ ‘evaluate’ ‘comment on’
  • Make good use of resources provided by the examination board,
    they contain a mass of useful information that you don’t have to have learnt.
  • Form your own opinions on issues - ensure you present a balanced argument both for and against.
  • Learn and use geographical vocabulary for key topics eg hydrology, coastal processes.
  • Choose questions carefully to match what you know and what you have been taught,
    paying particular attention to the 8 and 9 mark questions.
    Avoid vague statements eg good education, nice climate, good soils – Learn facts and figures so you can support your answers.

Key Information

The Examination paper:
You have 2 exams in Geography

Monday 22nd May 2017
B561 Sustainable Decision Making Exam on Population and Settlement
This exam is 1 hour and 30 minutes long

Tuesday 6th June 2017
B563 Geographic Themes Exam. This exam is 1 hour and 45 minutes long.
You will need to answer all 3 sections;
- Rivers and Coasts
- Natural Hazards (tectonic and climatic hazards)
- Population and Settlement
Each section is worth 33 marks and will include 9 mark case study questions

Useful Revision Tools

Sam Learning
S-cool the Revision Website
Revision World - Free online resources for 11-18 school geography


This document contains really useful revision video clips on all key topics.


Population - session 1

Population - session 2

Using Inserts - Population


Revision Pub Quiz


The Coastal System