Top Revision Tips

  • Practice and develop a quick sketching technique to help communicate ideas.
  • Use key words to help break down an exam question into the most important elements
  • Familiarise yourself with scales of production/manufacture.
  • Practical work can help revision, in all areas of DT
  • Build on your understanding of social, moral, and environmental issues,
    and how they will affect the design of your practical piece.
  • Notice and find out how everyday products/food products around you
    are designed to meet the user's needs and wants.
  • Consider how existing products of all kinds might have been manufactured.
  • Know the different stages of the 'design process' and why they are important.
  • Revise functions/ properties of materials, fabrics ingredients etc
  • Research and be familiar with universal logo’s and symbols that will need to be
    applied to products/packaging/textiles etc that you design and make.

Key Information

Exam Board: WJEC
Specification for Graphic Productions: http://www.wjec.co.uk/uploads/publications/6724.pdf

Useful Revision Tools